Autistic Collaboration

Aut Collab (the Autistic Collaboration Trust) is a community that welcomes all individuals and groups who fully appreciate the value of neurodiversity.

Aut Collab acts as a hub for mutual support, and encourages neurodivergent individuals and ventures to connect and establish long-term collaborations.

The Autistic Collaboration Trust is incorporated as a charitable trust in New Zealand. The board of trustees consists exclusively of people who openly identify as autistic.

The purpose of the trust is as follows:

  1. To advance education by the development and delivery of training courses related to the goal of liberation from the pathology paradigm and the goal of acceptance of autistic cognition, motivations, and patterns of behaviour as natural variations within the human species.
  2. To be beneficial to the community by supporting the creation of social networks, events, and organisations that allow autistic people and otherwise neurodivergent people to collaborate, contribute to society, and socialise on their own terms.
  3. To be beneficial to the autistic community by supporting and coordinating concrete projects that are run by autistic and otherwise neurodivergent people.

The trustees are formally committed to never charge autistic individuals and their families for any services delivered.



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