The cousin of this blog

The Software Artefact is the more technology oriented cousin of this blog, especially for readers interested in the details of model engineering. Both blogs share the theme of teams, artefacts, languages, and systems.

The post On Pitfalls of Software Product Development is an interesting starting point for all those who are in the the business of developing software products but are unfamiliar with formal modelling.

Throughout both blogs I use the term artefact, which is spelled artifact in US English.  Some people don’t like the word either way, and prefer to talk about work products instead. I prefer to avoid arguments about terminology, and recommend that every team uses the terminology that best fits the specific context. The job of translating between different jargons is best left to intelligent software tools. If now you are curious about artefacts, I suggest you listen to the following introduction. The practical implications of taking a formal mathematical approach to artefacts are explained in the talk From Muddling to Modelling.

I do make a conscious effort to avoid all forms of technology hype, so feel free to complain if you come across anything along the lines of Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Service Oriented Architecture, Enterprise Service Bus – or even worse, acronyms for these and other ill-defined concepts.