S23M Cell Platform

The Semantic Database for Agent Based Knowledge Engineering, Agent Based Simulation, and Semantic Model Integration

The S23M Cell Platform semantic database is a highly-customisable platform for the definition of domain specific models, for recording domain specific knowledge, for formal metadata management, for semantic model integration, and agent based simulation.

The open source S23M Cell Kernel is the successor to the earlier Gmodel prototype, and provides a universally and recursively applicable module / artefact / container concept which completely shields the user from the technical details of implementation technologies like traditional databases, file systems and programming languages.

The Cell Kernel can be extended in a shell-like manner with an arbitrary set of complementary domain-specific modelling languages. The implementation of this kernel is based on a small number of language elements that have their origin in category theory, model theory, and denotational semantics, and that exploit proven mathematical theorems and transformations.

Beyond enforcing the formalism of category theory, the design of the Cell Platform encourages users to construct modular and human scale (understandable) models. The Cell Platform also contains a scalable repository based on relational database technology. Thanks to its multi-level instantiation feature it can emulate any modelling standard that has a formal definition and therefore, integrate with almost any tool.

The S23M Cell Platform stores human scale knowledge about our world in a machine-readable form.

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