Nothing beats capturing the knowledge flow of leading domains experts to co-create neurodiverse organisations & systems that are understandable by future generations of humans & software tools.

My life

Knowledge archaeologist by day and neurodivergent anthropologist by night

The more we help each other to question in ways we otherwise wouldn’t – and correspondingly discover new insights about the world and ourselves, the more we are able to learn from each other, and the more we start to understand each other. The gift that we all bring to the world is the (re)generative potential of all the trusted relationships that we co-create.

So far

Instigator of the MODA + MODE meta-paradigm for transdisciplinary knowledge creation

The MODA + MODE thinking tools and agent based semantic modelling techniques help teams to avoid the traps of single paradigm approaches, and allow knowledge to flourish in the open creative spaces between disciplines and organisational silos.

At work

Co-designer of inclusive collaborative edges

I am a partner at S23M and have a background in mathematics. In close collaboration with subject matter experts I uncover, validate, and activate deep domain knowledge by synthesising unique experiences and perspectives. I also offer free advice to neurodiventures and to autistic people interested in forming neurodiventures or in transitioning their current team(s) to a non-hierarchical neurodiventure operating model.

As part of my work I visualise knowledge flows and domain knowledge with the help of white boards and other simple tools. The initial diagrams and pictures are easily formalised with the help of category theory, model theory, and denotational semantics, resulting in visual domain specific modelling languages, formal semantic interoperability constraints, and related software tools.

I am passionate about open innovation and encourage organisations to address challenges that go beyond the established framework of research in industry, government and academia via the quarterly unConference on Interdisciplinary Innovation and Collaboration (CIIC) that has been running since 2015.  The CIIC community recognises neurodivergence as the substrate for innovation and offers a neurodiversity friendly environment. To date CIIC has been established at AUT in Auckland at RMIT in Melbourne. If you would like to take the CIIC concept to further locations, please get in touch.

I have co-authored of a number of books on creative collaboration and model driven product line engineering and am part of Autistic Collaboration – a mutual support hub for neurodivergent individuals and ventures.

6 thoughts on “About

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  3. Dear Jorn,
    I have heard from you at the facebook group Autistic Spectrum New Zealand. As I have mentioned already in the group we are engaged with an innovative internet community that joins people having some kind of ASD and/or ary highly gifted with interested employers that seek the benefits of these people. By means of this community we hope to create opportunities for these people.
    Therefore I’d like to share and exchange ideas.
    Best regards
    Carlo Post
    tel. +31 6 19177659

    • Hi Carlo,

      Many thanks for getting in touch. I have sent you an email with my contact details and with further information about the Autistic Collaboration community.

      Best regards,


  4. Hi Jorn,
    I have seen your email and I have already replied on that email with some summarized information about myself and my motivation to create opportunities for people with autism. I have supplied also my contact details
    Best Regards

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